Taking the First Steps

Dancing is a part of me. I have distinct memories of 5-year old me wearing my green skirt and twirling for the imaginary audience on the other side of the living room window. At the neighbourhood barbecues, I gathered up the kids to choreograph performances for the parents.  After a bout of heat stroke in El Salvador, I knew I was feeling better when my feet started dancing under the table.  When I lived in residence, I taught my friends bits of Irish.  When I was driving with a travelling program through the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver, I taught students various jumps in the parking lot when we stopped for gas.  Teaching dance is also a part of me.

Starting Kaleidoscope Studio has been life-giving – it has been amazing to discover creativity and passion as elements of the studio have come together.  It has been challenging to be patient in the midst of process.  All of the experiences I’ve had through these first steps have reminded me of who I am – a dancer, a teacher, a choreographer, an administrator, a mentor, a storyteller, a creator, but also the person who gets stalled during delays, and who sometimes depends on momentum instead of discipline.  I’ve been reminded of my many facets

Wholeness is one of Kaleidoscope Studio’s values.  It speaks to embracing our whole selves; knowing who we are and encountering more of who we are.  Learning new skills, pushing ourselves to grow, persisting in the face of challenges: these are all aspects which help us to develop wholeness.  So too does accepting ourselves; recognizing our weaknesses and our strengths.  The trouble is, too often we allow others to define strength and weakness.  In most cases, our greatest assets and our biggest vulnerabilities are two sides of the same coin.  The true gift is to see when and where to use our strength and when and where to reveal our vulnerability. 

Kaleidoscope Studio is one way I am embracing wholeness.  As dancers join us, our hope is to see them embrace wholeness; eager to learn more about themselves with each dance step they take.

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