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Come Dance for a Lifetime

We’re the only old-style Irish step dance studio serving Kitchener-Waterloo, and Cambridge that accepts students of all ages and abilities.

New registrations are always welcome!

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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help people in our community dance for a lifetime. We operate under 3 principles:

Accessible: We help people of all abilities incorporate dance into their lives.

Accepting: Everyone is welcome and belongs at Kaleidoscope.

Authentic: Our teachings are rooted in the historical traditions of Irish dance for modern students.

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Kaleidoscope Irish Dance & Movement

We offer a unique small-studio approach to dance. We offer old-style Irish step dance lessons for all ages and abilities, Irish dance-based fitness classes and specialized movement programs for children. At Kaleidoscope, our motto is “dance for a lifetime.” We believe everyone can express themselves through movement in a way that is fun and fulfilling for them.

irish dance in kitchener

Irish Dance

Experience an accessible, accepting and authentic approach to Irish dance.

Programming is available for new dancers, returning dancers and never-have-I-ever-tried-this dancers.

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irish dance fitness in kitchener

Irish Dance Fitness

Come fall in love with traditional Irish dance footwork paired with lots of arm movements for a full body, feel good workout!

Come enjoy the craic and cardio, to boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Specialized Movement

Dancers will find a nurturing environment where they will be supported and challenged in a way that empowers them.

We are certified in several specific movement programs for children with special needs.

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Founder and Artistic Director

Marjorie Hopkins

Marjorie Hopkins is the founder and artistic director of Kaleidoscope Irish Dance & Movement. She has 20+ years of experience as an educator, a lifetime of dance experience, and an unmatched level of training, including a Ph.D., as well as certifications in:

•ReelRobics: the original Irish dance workout;

•Intellidance®: a research-based creative dance and movement program for babies, tykes, tots, and kids;

•Rhythm Works: a movement program for children with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD and other disabilities and neurodiversities;

•Restorative Yoga: a calming yoga practice that uses through slow, deliberate stretching; and,

•Autism Movement Therapy; and,

•High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development.

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Marjorie Dancing

What Our Clients Say


irish dance in kitchener

Our first Intellibabies class was when my daughter was just 4 months old. She’s now 13 months and I feel I’ve learned as much as my little one! She loves both the music and dancing and it’s a joy to watch her continue the lesson learnings when home.

Kaylyn (Parent)

irish dance in kitchener

You have made me not only a better dancer, but also a better person. I admire you and hope to someday have as much confidence and passion about something as you do Irish dance.

Iris (Dancer)

irish dance in kitchener

My appreciation for Irish dance as an immersive experience has grown throughout my time with the studio and I am very grateful for all that I have learned both as a person and as a dancer.

Kara (Dancer)

Marjorie not only helped me as a dancer but as a person too and she inspires me everyday to be a kind and loving human.

Tyah (Dancer)

I really admire how Marjorie is able to incorporate a lot of fun into dance class while also helping us improve as dancers.

Sophie G. (Dancer)

Her instruction was encouraging and effective, and she motivated me to improve as both a dancer and as a person.

Hannah (Dancer)

Land Acknowledgment

Kaleidoscope Studio operates on the Haldimand tract; land that was promised to the Haudenosaunee of the Six Nations of the Grand River, and are within the territory of the Chonnonton, Anishinaabe, and Haudenosaunee peoples. We are grateful for the welcome the First Peoples showed to the Irish escaping oppression and famine, and to the waves of Irish immigrants who continue to come to start a new life on Turtle Island. We recognize that we were welcomed into this land and are committed to live in harmony with and to support the First Peoples of this land as they strive for a better life and a thriving culture.

 Our Blog


“Irish Dance” as a genre has a complex history. There is no one pathway from which it came to us.
2 children in a play tunnel

From 99 Days

The earliest days of the studio were shaped by research into brain development; how brains grew and the importance of …
Marjorie dancing

New Year Intentions

Samhain is the beginning of the Celtic year. It is the celebration of October 31, Halloween, but it is also the month of November in Irish. In the spirit of the new year, I am setting intentions for myself.

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Marjorie leading the clap dance at a seniors' home
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