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About us

About Marjorie

Marjorie Hopkins is the founder and artistic director of Kaleidoscope Irish Dance & Movement. She has 20+ years of experience as an educator, a lifetime of dance experience, and an unmatched level of training, including a Ph.D., and numerous certifications.

Marjorie has worked in a variety of higher education settings, teaching and mentoring young adults. She worked at the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony where she helped to develop children’s programming. She has also led a variety of children’s theatre and day camp programs in various settings. Her favourite moments were the instances when people have realized their own capacities to lead. She continues to encourage students to grow into strong leaders, creating as many opportunities as possible for them to create and lead.

Marjorie loves to create and in her spare time sews, crochets, and reads. She has always had a ‘yearning for learning,’ so she’s almost always pursuing new knowledge. In addition to her MA in Irish Dance Studies, she has degrees in Theatre, Student Development, and History, all of which inform her teaching philosophy and programming at Kaleidoscope Irish Dance & Movement.

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The Studio

Our small-studio approach to dance instruction is unique in Southwestern Ontario.

Our studio offers custom sprung floors, which protect our dancers’ bodies and helps them avoid injury. The studio is also equipped to provide quality online learning.

Our instruction is rooted in decades of experience and education.

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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help people in our community dance for a lifetime. We operate under 3 principles:

Accessible: We help people of all abilities incorporate dance into their lives.

Accepting: Everyone is welcome and belongs at Kaleidoscope.

Authentic: Our teachings are rooted in the historical traditions of Irish dance for modern students.




About us

Teaching Philosophy

Kaleidoscope Irish Dance & Movement is a unique small-studio approach to dance. We offer traditional Irish dance lessons for all ages and abilities, Irish dance-based fitness classes and specialized movement programs for children. At Kaleidoscope, our motto is “dance for a lifetime.”

We believe everyone can express themselves through movement in a way that is fun and fulfilling for them.

All of our instruction is designed to empower new dancers, returning dancers, and never-have-I-ever-tried-this dancers so that they can flourish. 

Classes take a holistic approach and are enriched with historical, cultural, and wellness material, because dance is more than just movement. It is an opportunity to engage with the world.

Kaleidoscope Irish Dance and Movement is proud to share the tradition of Irish dance in Kitchener-Waterloo. You do not have to be of Irish descent to be interested in Irish dance any more than you have to be French to enjoy ballet.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and genders. Irish dance is a unique art form with many expressions and opportunities for dancers of all levels. 

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Miss Marjorie teaching daycamps in Kitchener