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The seeds for the studio logo were planted over ten years ago when I took a course on theories and practice of university teaching. The course covered many of the topics you would expect for a course of this nature: teaching theories, course design, lesson planning, learning styles, technology, active learning, etc.  What I hadn’t expected was the artistic option they presented for the final assignment.  The option was to “create an artistic project related to teaching and learning in higher education.”  The concept intrigued me, and as I was studying medieval history at the time, my mind immediately went to the idea of a tapestry.  I did not, however, jump right in.  I shied away from the opportunity for quite some time, choosing instead to focus on the infinitely more practical teaching dossier.  I could not, however, shake the idea and by November, I was ready to tackle an artistic representation of my teaching philosophy.

My first attempts were to create my own Celtic knot for the project.  It did not take long for me to realize that was simply too ambitious, especially when there were so many completed ones to choose from.  I found a knot that I liked and promptly traced it out and cut out all of the bits.  A fine and impossible puzzle I had created for myself that soon went into the trash.  Throughout this entire process I was thinking about teaching and what it means to prepare lessons and using tools that are available.

When I started the project, I wanted to find a knot with four parts, as I had already developed an idea about the learning process.  These four parts are the foundation of my teaching philosophy: the teacher and student who both come to the learning context with their own knowledge and experiences; the content which is being learned; and the physical space where it all happens.  All four of these interweave, never in a straight line, and sometimes unpredictably, to create a rich and beautiful experience – a tapestry of learning.

The process and even the problems of creating this piece taught me about how overwhelming learning can be.  This project was rooted in my experiences teaching at a university, but the lessons can apply anywhere.  Sometimes we all need to take a step back and look at the big picture.  As a teacher, sometimes it’s my job to help students get out of the moment and help them see more broadly.  Maybe a new step or piece of choreography is really hard when it’s new, but with patience, time, and practice it will get easier.  I’ve seen this time and again and the delight on a dancer’s face when they come back to something which has suddenly become not only doable, but easy brings me so much joy!

While I was working on the tapestry, I also experienced the frustration of something taking too long, or feeling stupid and wanting to pursue the more traditional assignment.  The project was vulnerable as it expressed so many aspects of who I am; even more so now that it has become the logo of my studio business. In the end, it was too important to me and I needed to finish.  The material that I teach is Irish dance, but it is not the whole of the content that I teach.  Learning is a courageous act – whether you are on the very first ever steps of your learning journey or on the 30,000th.  The logo for Kaleidoscope Irish Dance & Movement Studio is a symbol of a learning process we undertake together.  It is the interlacing and overlapping journey that shapes who we are.  If you dance at this studio, you will learn Irish dance, but my hope is that you will grow so much more.

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  1. Elequent and accurate as per your nature. Thank you for sharing your process and sharing your wealth of knowledge to others.


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